We offer a variety of services for your project needs of your home. We will perform any project(s) that is cost effective. Projects that are not safe or permit required our company WILL NOT ACCEPT THE PROJECT due to required license(s). We are NOT LICENSED CONTRACTOR(S) We are technicians' with many years of experiences and certifications within our staff. We have been in the business and workforce over 20 years. The work we perform in your home or property DO NOT REQUIRE LICENCES(S) However, we have many business relationships and will find the right company for you that are trusted and fully equipped to help us with your project.

What is our tech skills?

Our techs possesses the skills to maintain and repair the interior and exterior of homes and commercial properties. Our technician jobs include carpentry, painting, and remodeling. ... They also have the skills required for simple electrical and plumbing work. Their jobs often require the expertise to redo a room from the ground up.


Other Services

Appraising of property

Barbecue pit maintenance

Ceiling Repair

Cabinet refacing

Ceramic tile repair


Concrete Install & Repair

Counter tops Installation

Crown Molding Installation

Curtain hanging

Decks Install & Repair

Door installation & Repair

Dryer repair, Vent Cleaning & Installation

Drywall Installation & Repair

Electrical Installation

Energy Updates

Fan installation

Fireplace Cleaning



Fan installation

Fence Installation & Repair

Flooring Installation and Repair

Light Framing

Garage Door Installation & Repair

General Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Repair

Home inspections

Hot tubs and spas Installation

Insulation Installation

Lock set Replacement

Mold Removal

Painting & Paint removal

Plumbing Repairs & Installation

Porch Installation & Repair

Remodeling Basements

Heating system tune-up

Home inspections

Insulation installation

Lamp repairs


Lock set adjustment

Maid service

Molding installation


Paint removal


Patio stone installation

Remodeling kitchens

Safety modifications

Sealing driveways

Senior Living Modifications

Shelf installation



Sprinkler system installation

Stain removal

Staining furniture

Stone work

Storage area construction

Storage area repair

Swapping a toilet

Tile and Grout Cleaning


Trash Removal

Wall building

Water purification

Water softening

Window cleaning

Window installation

Window repair

Window screens

Remodeling Bathrooms & Bedrooms